Guess Where Anna Ebiere Is Spending Her Weekend…. It Is At Flavours!!!


Anna Ebiere seems to be winning,
even with Sandra OkagbueFlavour’s babymama now
going on a very low key. This is it, Flavour has granted two major interviews
after Sandra gave birth to their child saying though he has a babymama, he is
still so much single and still searching. If you are a woman you will know that
means a lot. Well we can tell you for free that Anna Ebiere seems to be winning
as she is currently at Flavour’s mansion spending the weekend, and opps! Who say
she does not even live there now, lol.

You see if you do a job like mine,
you have to be an internet stalker and I mean you have to stalk them at all
times. You have to always also pay attention to every photo you see, lol no
time. How did I know Anna is enjoying and having the fun of her life at her
boyfriend’s place this weekend? Well this is how Anna shot herself on the foot,
oh may be she doesn’t care lol. Well here is it…

If you
know Flavour so well, you will know that he loves dogs!! And yes we know the
names of his dogs even without meeting them in person. They are Miley and Nikki.
So Anna just posted a photo of herself with Miley and says Hi Miley.
Immediately we saw the photo of Anna and the dog, we immediately knew she was
at Flavours place, but then we have to be double sure, so we went down Flavours
page and found a photo of him and his dogs – Miley and Nikki and that’s how we
got to know that’s where mom to be, Anna Ebiere is spending her weekend.
Hopefully, Flavour will sha do, and walk her down the aisle. You can’t have two
ex-beauty queens as your baby mamas, oh no you can’t, a lot of men wants to
take them in, except the stick is sweet, asin sweet with a long double eeee and
tttt… common Flavourrr… Lol

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