Hilarious! Ladies Reveal The Most Humiliating Reactions They Ever Received After Telling Someone ‘I Love You’

Ladies who have been rejected in one way or the other, after
saying the word I Love You to a man were asked about how the men reacted to
them, after declaring their love for them, and their answers were quite
hilarious. They answered anonymously tho. Enjoy!
Among the callous answers, one rejected person shared their
experience of hearing: ‘This was a
Another turn-down appeared to have taken place after a night
of drinking, as the person replied: ‘I
don’t know if I need another drink or if I should sober up

One person revealed their experience after someone gave them
a patronising excuse: ‘You’re too young.
You don’t know what love is. I’m 24
One of the reactions saw one love interest completely
disregard the confession of love: ‘Cool
so… wanna play Xbox?
The worst reactions by far were the ones that cruelly
ignored the feelings of the confessor, one stating: ‘I know you do, but I don’t love you any more.’
Another Whisper user painfully shared their own experience: ‘That’s a shame… Please leave.’
Another example of unrequited love saw someone coldly
explain: ‘I told you not to.
One opportunistic person decided that in the moment of
shared feelings to admit their love for someone else: ‘I love your sister.

Others were oblivious that the ‘love’ in question was of a
romantic context, and replied: ‘Awwww!
Thanks! I like our friendship too!

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