History Repeats Itself As Mother Who Gave Birth At 16, Now 33 Welcomed Grandchild From Daughter Who Is 17


History repeats itself: Corrie Rowland, 33, is pictured with
her pregnant daughter Bethany, 17, before she became a grandmother. Bethany
gave birth to a baby boy last week

She is one of Britain’s youngest grandmothers. Just like she
shocked her parents 17 years ago to get pregnant at 15 and gave birth at 16, her daughter has also
shocked her by welcoming a baby boy last week at 17. Their lives in pictures
after the cut.
Grandmother at 33: Corrie is pictured with her daughter
Bethany and her new grandson Elijah

Teenage mum to youthful gran: Corrie with her daughter
Bethany (pictured left) and grandson Elijah (right)

While friends spent their Saturday nights partying, Corrie
says she was trying to soothe a screaming baby. She has become one of Britain’s
youngest grandmothers after her daughter Bethany gave birth last week
Corrie said after she had Bethany she plummeted into
despair, feeling out of her depth and frequently bursting into tears. Looking
back, she says she had post-natal depression, although she never went to see
her GP

Taken by surprise: The 33-year-old said she had absolutely
no idea how tough raising a baby would be. She is pictured left and right in
1998 when she was pregnant with Bethany.

The new grandmother said she had hoped Bethany – who was
studying art at college but dropped out shortly after discovering she was
pregnant – would have a successful career. Bethany is pictured at one week old

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