I Might Never Give Marriage A Shot Again, After My 3 Months Bitter Experience- Mandy

One of the first female comedians
in Nigeria, Mandy, in a lengthy interview with ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo, spoke about
the possibilities of not getting married again and the reason a man can never
lure her into marriage because of money. She also revealed that the only man
she married and divorced is not the father of her child, April. Speaking about
April’s father, she said they were just friends and they decided to have a
child. They were not lovers per say, she explained. She however says life has
been good with her daughter, and because of her 3 months experience in marriage,
it will be difficult for her to give marriage a shot again. I am just going to
cull out the marriage part of the interview, so as not to bore you with the
whole gist. Enjoy and learn…. Continue…

Talking about April, your
daughter, when are you going to give her a ‘daddy’?
Chei! I believe you are a
Christian and the Bible said something about sharing. I wouldn’t mind if you
share your husband with me. But I know you wouldn’t want to do it. Many
Nigerian women are so wicked. They can never share. But they would be the ones
saying I don’t have a husband. If there can be a brave one that would just tell
me to come and take her husband, I would just go. But seriously, I had a
terrible experience in marriage, that is why I don’t want to go back to it. I
didn’t enjoy it at all, not even for one day.
Are you for real?
Oh, maybe I enjoyed the
traditional marriage day. After that, it wasn’t it again for me. I think that
is why I am not in a hurry to get into marriage again. I would love to go into
it. But then, I will not deceive you, my whole concentration is on my daughter.
Don’t you get lonely?
I have a fantastic friend, Yinka
Davies. She is my closest friend. We hang out together all the time.
But Yinka is not always there;
don’t you get so lonely in your bed?
I don’t feel lonely. Strangely,
there are so many things I am thinking about. Maybe if I had a boyfriend or man
friend that I would be worried about, then I would worry. I don’t think about
it, it is not in my mind. Maybe I should start thinking of a man. I see so many
men with huge six packs.
But do you get ‘toasters?’
Oh yes I do. But because of my
faith, what they want is not what I want from them. One of my toasters was on
my neck the other time and I told him if I didn’t see a ring, then he should forget
me. What he wanted was just my body and I wasn’t ready to give him that.
But is it a big deal sleeping with
your partner if you are in a relationship?
Some people might do it for money
while others might do it for other reasons. I will not sleep with a man for
money. God has blessed me. There are certain things I will not compromise any
more. It is not because I am being proud. But I just want to be decent and
respect myself and my daughter. I get so many toasters. Some want me to be
their sugar mummy. Some are already married.
You may likely not regret your
marriage because of your daughter…
He is not her father. I had her
after I got divorced.
So why didn’t you marry the father
of your daughter?
It was our decision. He is my
friend. Ours wasn’t a lovey dovey kind of relationship.
Is he still your friend?
Sometimes. We are friends when it
is not time to pay school fees. When it is time to pay school fees, we are not
friends. My daughter tells me not to call her daddy when it is school fees time
so that he wouldn’t run away again.
Does your mother pressurise you to
get married?
No, not any more. She used to. She
knows me. My marriage was very short. She was wondering how we would do it.
How long did the marriage last?
It lasted for just three months.
It doesn’t upset me again.
Is he your friend?
Ha! No o
Was it your fault or his?
I wouldn’t know. I might be a
funny person but I might have my bad side. He might tell you it was my fault
and I would also sit down here and tell you that it was his fault. I really
can’t say. It got to a point we couldn’t take it anymore.

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