Lola Omotayo’s Birthday Message To Mother

Lola Omotayo is Peter Okoye’s wife. Here’s what she penned
down to wish her mother a happy birthday.
Mrs. Alevtina Aliona Omotayo! The one and only first lady,
our super mum, our beauty queen and iron lady. Mama without you there would be
no me. Where did you find the strength to do all the things you did when I was
a kid? You worked, you were my chauffeur to school and back, you drove us to
Ikoyi club every day after school for swimming. You were the nurse at home when
I got hurt, you were the chef; teacher, counsellor and friend. You didn’t know
what to do with my wild and stubborn hair but you always managed to make me
look pretty!

👧 Your guidance has made
me who I am today. I learned about love from watching your caring ways. Thanks
for passing on the OCD gene..😆😆😆
I am thankful for all you showed me and continue to show me about how to love
and give; lessons that now bring many blessings to me. Your constant sacrifices
do not go unnoticed mama. Sometimes I take you for granted and for that I am
sorry. Mama with you in my life I am blessed and so are your grand children
Cameron and Aliona, they love their “Babushka” so much. Here is
wishing you a very Happy Birthday💖🎂🎁🎀.
May God continue to bless and protect you and may you have good health and long
life. We love you mama.@alionao6o2 

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