Readers Mail: Should I Report My Boss? Please Help!!


Hi Ladun, please I want you to help me share this as many of my friends have called me naive and stupid. I recently joined a multinational as a graduate trainee. Few weeks into my resumption one of the top executives in my organisation (I don’t directly report to him) told me I must come and greet him every morning. I did that for about three days and on the fourth day, he tried to kiss me! I was shocked and immediately stood up and took my leave. He has been threatening me saying I won’t be absorbed into the organisation after my trainee period. I got infuriated and decided I would report him to more senior members of the organisation, but I have been clearly warned not to do that.

I am 26 and in all ways attractive and I also have a fiance and we are planning to get married once we are financially stable. I WANT and NEED the job but trust me my values stand against everything this my boss says.

Guys, should I go ahead and report him, since the organisation does not belong to him or what? I am angry and not any way considering his option but I can’t afford to loose this chance, I graduated since 2011 and this is my first job. Phew!

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