5 Men Charged After Prophet Dies While Being Buried Alive At HIS REQUEST

A family of 5 was recently charged in the death of a
Zimbabwe prophet after they buried him alive back in July of 2012, per his
instruction as part of a “healing ceremony” intended to summon cleansing powers
to help heal the family from the plague of mysterious deaths.
Self-proclaimed Muzarabani prophet Shamiso Kanyama visited
the home of 5 men at the request of their priest in an attempt to cleanse their
home of “evil spirits.” As part of his cleansing process, Kanyama instructed
the 5 men to bury him alive, stating that this was his method for summoning the
healing powers necessary to rid their home of evil spirits. After Kanyama
helped the men to dig his own grave, they buried him as instructed and covered
his body in soil as he lay face down. According to Kanyama, he would be
“resurrected” following the burial and remain unharmed.

However, the men and the priest who was there to witness the
burial say things did not go as planned when they dug up the prophet to find
him dead. Each of the 5 men involved with the burial have been charged with

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