A FULLY Diamond Encrusted Cartier Wrist Watch Costs $21k, Yours Can’t Be $90k, Observer Tells Freeze


Hehehe you know I told you people are always watching, okay
so let’s debate this. After Freeze came online yesterday to say his Cartier
wrist watch costs $90k and we reported it here, an observer has informed us and
even sent in a link saying Freeze lied and there was no way his own Cartier
wrist watch which is only diamond encrusted facially will costs $90k, when a
FULLY diamond encrusted Cartier wrist watch actually costs $21k.

Now the one with the hand of a man is that of OAP Freeze-
$90k while a fully diamond encrusted one, the other photo is $22k. Again no be
me talk am.

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