A Lot Of Knowledgeable Nigerians Have Been Compromised, Buhari Explains Why It Is Taking Time To Appoint Ministers

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President
Buhari has once again explained why it is taking him time to appoint ministers,
saying that a lot of knowledgeable Nigerians fit for the position have been
compromised and it is very risky to appoint such people into office. He
explained that appointing ministers who will be taking instructions from ‘powerful
people’ outside the cabinet will take Nigeria back to square one and that is
part of what he is running from. Read his exact words after the cut.

“From what I have seen so far, we need very patriotic
Nigerians (to be ministers); Nigerians that can work very hard with
knowledgeable experience; committed Nigerians to be in charge of ministries.
“A lot of institutions in Nigeria are compromised, everybody
for himself and God for all of us. It is most unfortunate. We have people,
educated and experienced people, but everybody seems to be working for himself
on how much they could get away with as soon as possible.
“We have to look for technocrats and politicians. We have to
look out for decent people in this class to give them the responsibility of
being in charge of ministries and important parastatals.
“It is taking so much time (to appoint ministers) because a
number of knowledgeable people have been compromised. They have been
compromised by people who will like to depend on them to damage our economy and
security; a lot of them have been compromised.
“The worst thing that I think can happen is to get a
compromised person to be in charge of institutions. There is no way he could be
efficient or patriotic. Somebody behind the scene will be manipulating him at
the expense of the nation.
“This is what we are trying to avoid and I assure you that
so much damage has been done to Nigeria. We cannot rush to give this
responsibility to people that have unfortunately been compromised.

“This is because there is no way you can effectively
supervise, let’s say 20 ministries, you have to give it to people you trust and
you allow them to perform according to the Constitution of the country. If you
appoint compromised people, then we will be back to square one and Nigeria will
be the loser.”

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