After Flying From Scotland, Burnley, Newcastle, Nigerian Embassy Fails Citizens


Lol, it’s not even funny. Read the mail I just received from
a Nigerian in the UK.

Hi Ladun,
I don’t understand why we can’t get simple things right as a
people and we always make fool of ourselves as Nigerians. Nigeria embassy in d
UK gave hundreds of Nigerians in the UK appointment for yesterday July,17th
2015. On getting to the embassy, they pasted the attached document (above) that
the embassy is closed due to holiday in Nigeria and will resume next week
My anger is that can’t they send an email or SMS to
Nigerians that were given appointment for yesterday because Nigerians came all
the way from Scotland, Burnley, Newcastle, Devon,Wales etc to honour the
appointments. It’s a shame that we are still backwards in this computer age.
Attached is the crazy memo pasted on the embassy entrance.

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