Akute: We Have Deserted Our Houses Because The Roads Are Unbearable, Residents Write In

So residents of Akute through one of them have written in to
say the condition of roads leading into the community is murder and has cost
them nothing than heartaches and repairs of their cars all the time due to the
state of these roads. Below is what they wrote in by one of their
representatives who is also a landlord. What however touched us in the mail is
that, they said most of them who are house owners have had to let-out their
private houses to get apartments in towns which have good roads. That to us is
extremely sad. We hope the government looks into their matter. The mail after the

I own property in Akute which is a border town between Lagos
& Ogun state but I’ve had to re-locate & lease out the property cos the
roads there are murder. It’s gotten so bad that several other people are also
relocating & property value there is dropping/diminishing by the
minute….Soon only animals will live within the confines of that area as the
roads cannot be said to be passable by humans anymore. God only knows how much
people spend on fixing their cars daily.
The current administration started constructing bridges
which they have currently abandoned but the irony of the bridges being
constructed is that it has been abandoned leaving residents with roads that are
death traps. We wondered why un-tarred roads leading into Lagos & its
environs could not be fixed first before embarking on building bridges.
Attached are pix of the current state of the roads. Amusingly,
pix 1 to 3 were actually tarred by the Otunba Gbenga Daniels’ administration
sometime in 2002 but they didn’t last 6 months after the shady job they did
& looking @ the pix you’ll never believe it was ever touched…
Pix 1 – 3 is actually called Ishashi road which leads
straight to Ojodu-Berger whilst pix 4 – 6 is known as Alagbole road & you
can see the abandoned bridge project which has been like that since July last

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