I Also Do Magic- Quilox Boss, Shina Peller

Most people will be surprised that well-travelled Quilox
boss, Shina Peller says he does magic too. As a matter of fact, the son of late
Professor Peller, the magician told Saturday Beats that he would have delved fully
into magic like his elder brother took after their dad but for time. According to him he has so many
businesses he has to manage which makes it impossible for him to add magic to
it, because being a magician demands a lot of time.
“Magic requires a lot of time and resources. I’m an
entrepreneur and I personally believe I do not have the time that it requires
to actually do magic full time. I’m a magician myself and every child of my
father does magic. I believe what is worth doing at all is worth doing well and
that is why I have not given magic a second thought. Continue…

“It’s not something I can combine with other businesses such
as my oil and gas, construction companies. I would not be able to give magic
the time it requires. However, my elder brother, Zeeto, is actually taking it
as a profession and he is doing well in it. Que Peller is actually going to be
the first music artiste that doubles as a magician in the whole world. This is
something I know he can do as a son of a magician. When we were young, we used
to support our father during his tour. We assisted him on the stage but I don’t
have the time to do it and that is why I am encouraging my younger brother to
explore his talent because I know he can do it. It would set him apart from
other artistes,” he said.

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