Moving Words Of Friends As Lagos Big Girl, Omolara Sonoiki Dies… Photos Too

Omolara Edith Sonoiki who owns the popular Dress Sense
Clothings with branches at Alade Market, Opebi, Lekki and Ikoyi is late.
Omolara, a philanthropist was also the founder of Noik Energy Limited. Omolara
passed on, on the 16th of June, 2015 in Atlanta, Gerogia United
States after a brief illness leaving three beautiful kids (a girl and two boys)
and her husband behind. A wake-keep ceremony was held for her yesterday at the
Grandeur Hall and it was tears galore as different songs were rendered in her
memory. We can’t bring you what everybody said, but below are some of what her
close associates said about her. Even the company she gets her clothes from in
Turkey were represented at the wake keep. Lara was 40. Please continue…

Godfrey from Turkey had this to say, “We represent the
company where she gets her clothes, and I have known her for over seven years.
I received a call from some of our staff in Turkey and they were all crying
when they heard the news of her death. The person that used to take her around
Turkey told me that the last time she came around, she gave him some money and
told her to use it to take care of all the staff, and himself as well. Everybody
in the office was always happy whenever she was in Turkey because they always
went home smiling.”
Another associate, Vivian Okosisi said,”I have a shop
opposite her father-in-law’s house. She was not a member of our church, but she
was always bringing suitcases of unused suits for our welfare programmes.
People were always wondering the kind of person she was. She was good, both
inside and outside. The testimonies people have been sharing about her are
A friend, Kehinde Hassan said, “Nobody introduced her to me.
I just walked into Alade Market and met her. I was looking for a suit and I had
gone to different shops checking for the right one. Meanwhile, people had told
me that Alade Market was very expensive so I was wary of the kind of shop to go
into. When I met her, she was very kind and respectful to me. I had money for
just a suit, but I eventually saw two that I liked. She told me to take it that
I wasn’t a stranger. She was very loving and kind. She was a good person.
Infact any adjective you want to use for a good person; that, she was.”
Olufunto Ipaye of Mutual Benefits Assurance also shared
these words, “We handle her insurance. I met her three years ago through a
friend of mine, Linda who also died three months ago. While we were mourning Linda,
she kept telling me not to cry. She even volounteered the cloth that we buried
Linda in and she didn’t collect a dime. She said she sold clothes to Linda in
her lifetime, and also clothed her in death.”
Another friend, Folake Kupoluyi, CEO of Radek Enterprises
said, “What can I say? She was my friend, sister and confidant. There was
nothing she didn’t share with me. She was ever so helpful and truthful. She
never left anyone in their times of need. She was such a fantastic human
Another close friend stated, “She was a wondeful person. I
have seen a lot of people, but she was different. She was a good human being.
She was humble, and you could never annoy her. She didn’t step on anybody’s
toes, and she was very generous. I know she’s with the Lord now, and I pray
that the Lord will comfort and keep her family.”
A friend of the deceased and her husband also said, “I knew
Lara for over ten years. I’m an Interior Designer, and she used to come to my
office. I noticed that she was so sophisticated and pleasant. There was a time
I did something to her husband and he was very upset, and when I heard that she
had gone to be with the Lord, I just heard her voice calling her husband’s
name. I know her husband will miss her greatly especially at times when he
needs someone to be with him. I pray God will give him the grace and fortitude
to bear the loss. I pray for all her family members. God bless Lara wherever
she is.”
Of course, church members also had nice things to say about
her. A member of her band said,”Lara wasn’t just a member of our church. She
was a vessel of honour; beautiful in chracter and appearance. As a mamber of
Dorcas Band, I always wondered how she managed all the elderly people in the
band becasue she never got angry. She was a replica of the Dorcas in the

 What her friends said + photos from E247.

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