Nigeria’s Largest Facebook Food Group Hijacked By Man (Photo & Tweets)


Oh dear, a war is currently going-on on Facebook and twitter.
So according to admin members of Nigeria’s largest Facebook Food Group, So You
Think You Can Cook (SYTYCC), a man they added to the Group’s admin page,
Frankiln Awodiya has now hijacked the Group’s official page.

According to them Fraklin has blocked the rest of the 10
admin members and now has the only right to view the group’s admin page. A lot of
admin and group members have been calling him out asking him to restore the
page. On Franklin’s side, he said the admin members were initially trying to block
him from the group but he was only faster than them. Below is what people are currently
saying online. Most of them said franklin is just about the money and said he cannot
reap where he did not sow. Lol.. please continue…

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