Photos: 23 Days After Giving Birth, Liz John Black Tells The World How She Got Her Figure Back!!

Yeah, Liz John Black is back! Remember she posted a photo
of herself 16 days and 18 days after giving birth to her first child earlier
this month? Well Liz is back to tell the world how she lost the weight and got
her shape back especially her tummy!! She also disclosed that she is so much
aware that some people didn’t believe she did get it back and posted bare
photos of her stomach for doubting thomases, lol. Read what she wrote on her
instagram page about the steps she took below.

picture to inspire women who want to get back their bodies after child birth.
Those who doubted the state/form of my tummy, it’s for you
to learn or better still don’t, non of my business…. I don’t claim to know it
all, but this is what worked for me.
First things first: Before you get pregnant, try to have a
firm tummy by doing Abs-workout, reason is, having a firm tummy maintains your
skin’s elasticity, so when it stretches during pregnancy, it can easily go back
after your give birth.
Before, during and after pregnancy, rub real Shea-Butter and
Cocoa oil on your tummy and back.

After pregnancy, find someone who can help you with this
procedure; -Don’t drink cold drinks after you give birth, drink more of hot
drinks (tea, milk, pap, custard, etc) and room temperature water. -Boil water
and pour in a deep bowl/ bucket, get a towel you can soak in the water and
press on your tummy ( lower and upper abdomen, and your sides). Do this for
15mins -After the hot water press, while your tummy is still hot, massage
RUBB(menthol) for 2mins till you feel the cooling sensation inside your tummy.
-Bring out the Mint and Morigan leaves ( northerners use Dogo-yaro leaves) from
warm water and place on your tummy to cover it all round, then wrap your tummy
with cling film and carry for 5-8 hours. -Repeat this everyday or every other
day as you can, for 2-3weeks or until you get desired results… I hope this
can be helpful to those who need it…. Our brains are wired to find things
we’re looking for – if you’re always cynical or waiting for things to go wrong,
then your life will reflect that.

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