Read Angry Letters Employees Wrote Employers As They Quit, With One Saying I Spat In Your Coffee Every Morning

Lol a picture of an angry note from an intern to his old
employers has been uploaded to Reddit by a man called Win_in_Roam who claims he
found it in his workplace. The message was written on the last Post-it of the
pad, with the expectation that people wouldn’t read it for a few months.
The letter read: ‘By the time you read this, I’ll be long
gone from this s***hole. I hope you enjoyed bossing me around. I bet you felt
real good about yourself.
‘Well I wonder how you feel now knowing I spat in your
coffee every day,’ the note read.

There is some speculation on Reddit as to whether the
message is real, but the intern isn’t the first worker to write a disgruntled
message to an employer.
Over the years, several angry employees have vented their
frustration at a boss through pen and paper, then uploaded a picture of the
message to the internet for moral support.
A few years ago, a young man who works at a school wrote an
angry note to his boss after he was criticised for taking time off work when
his step mother died of cancer.
It read: I am sorry that my step-mother died so suddenly
from cancer. I am sorry that I am not a robot and was emotionally affected by
her passing and had to miss work.
‘I am sorry I work 47.5 hours per week (without getting paid
the overtime that I am legally owed) for the last 7 months, and thus have
little choice but to schedule necessary doctor’s appointments during school

‘Clearly I am a terrible employee, and for that I apologize.
I know you hate people telling you how to do your job, but I suggest you start
looking for my replacement. Immediately,’ he wrote. 

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