Read Details On Why Yoghurt Base Drink Is Good For You

You guys have been told about the great benefits of drinking
Yugo Milk Drink and also intimated about its rich nutritional contents. Many
have been buying and enjoying this lovely Yoghurt Base Drink.
Now we present you with details of why it’s good for you to
consume YUGO-Yoghurt Base Drink:
Is Yogurt Base Drink Really Good for You?
The yogurt section in the grocery store has gotten pretty
complicated. Instead of just choosing between regular and light, or fruit on
the bottom versus premixed varieties, customers can now select what kind of
bacteria they wish to devour with each cold spoonful.

Yogurt manufacturers have long marketed the “live,
active cultures” in their products, but Dannon, Yoplait and other industry
giants have recently introduced new brands of specialized yogurts containing
trademarked microbial strains. Scientists continue to conduct research into how
these microbes may contribute to healthy living. A study published in the
British Medical Journal last year supported the medicinal benefits of yogurt,
though in a limited setting. It showed that geriatric hospital patients who drank
a probiotic yogurt beverage were less likely to suffer from diarrhea caused by
ongoing antibiotic treatment. But some nutritionists remain skeptical about the
potential advantages that probiotics can offer most people.
Despite its narrow range of participants, the study
confirmed that probiotic yoghurt aided many of those involved. “We have
shown that simply giving a probiotic drink to elderly patients who are
prescribed antibiotics reduces their risk of getting diarrhea,” says Mary
Hickson, a research dietician at Imperial College in London and the lead author
of the study. (
Why is yoghurt Base Drink good for me?

The health benefits of the lactic bacteria in yoghurt are
well known. These include immune system support; less constipation, stomach
acidity and diarrhea; lower body fat; protection against food poisoning bugs;
stronger bones and fresher breath. A highly nutritious food, providing
appetite-satisfying protein, and a clutch of vitamins and minerals, unsweetened
yoghurt makes an extremely healthy snack. Don’t pour off the whey liquid that
separates from the milk solids – it’s full of protein. Organic milk is more
nutritious than the non-organic equivalent.
Taking probiotic drink can change the way the bacteria break
down the carbs you eat, a new study suggests.
Researchers found that eating yogurt daily did not alter the
species of microbes in the intestines of people, or mice transplanted with
human gut microbes.
However, when the researchers looked at the activity of
bacterial enzymes in the mice’s guts, they discovered significant changes in
some of the enzymes — particularly those involved in metabolizing
The Real Deal with Yoghurt Base Drinks

According to a recent Beverage Industry report, probiotic
beverages are the hottest bottled drinks to claim space in your grocer’s refrigerator
section. Their labels say they can do everything from detoxifying the body to
giving you a boost of energy.

While the FDA hasn’t approved any health claims for any
probiotics, and these “good bacteria” aren’t considered essential to
our diet, probiotics have become important in maintaining a healthful gut and
stronger immunity, says Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN, author of The with or without
Meat Cookbook. “Probiotics help maintain the natural balance of organisms
in our intestines and can help treat and potentially prevent GI issues, such as
diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and those resulting from antibiotic
treatment,” she says. Here’s the deal on whether your gut and your wallet
need to add probiotic beverages to your diet and grocery cart.

From the above details, it’s obvious that should join the
growing number of people taking YUGO-yoghurt base drink. In fact, you have a
whole lot to benefit by making it your preferred drink… Enjoy!

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