Anita Oyakhilome Speaks Again, I Went Through ‘Hell’

Below is the intro she wrote about herself on her official
website encouraging ladies that no matter what they go through or the situation they find themselves, their life is never wasted. She
also encouraged those who are down to get up and get it, saying they are
their own destiny drivers. Her words after the cut…

I am Anita. It is my desire to reach out and inspire you
especially if you feel vulnerable and in need of a change. I hope to inspire
you to believe in yourself no matter the circumstances. I want to help you
recreate your life going forward, so you can live beautifully. I have been
through this journey of rediscovery and nothing is as beautiful as realising
one’s uniqueness as I have done. Life is precious however, your life can go
through different seasons: winter, spring, summer or autumn. Life can hit you
with financial loss, disappointments, death of a loved one, a broken
relationship, loss of a job, a divorce, being falsely accused or being a victim
of crime. These can shatter you to pieces but you can do something about it.
Life is a gift from God and you deserve to be happy
irrespective of your age, race, gender, background or financial situation. I
urge you to appreciate the gift you are, you are precious and valuable. Never
lose sight of who you are; begin to create new visions and dreams for your
life. Let nothing stop you from growing every day.
My story is not one of a bed of roses, far from it but I had
a choice to either beat myself over the regret of tolerating abuse for so long
or put a stop to the abuse and recreate my life for the best. My journey was
not in vain. I can now help others realise that their situation does not define
them. In order to move on with life, I have come to realise that nothing is
permanent. Your problem is not permanent; you can do something to change it by
ensuring you do not allow the situation or the person make your life miserable.
Pain is a fact of life, it is inevitable but suffering is optional. You can do
something to change the pain by over looking every obstacle, take control as a
force of nature to grow and expand. Do what is necessary now to use the gift
God has given you to unleash your purpose.
My message to all is simple: you have value therefore
discover your potential. Do not allow anybody destroy you or rob you of living
a joyful life. Your life is not wasted; you have just started a different phase
of life. God will show you how to use your testimony to help others and restore
their lives to exuberance. Please join me to encourage and inspire others. You
have a story to tell, you can contribute and participate in the dialogues here.
Let us all learn from one another’s experience and reach others with the gift
of love and kindness. Share your experience by emailing me or making a comment.
Celebrate your uniqueness because there is only one of you.
Thank you for visiting my site.

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