Chinese ‘Unicorn Woman’ Grows Gigantic Horn In Middle Of Her Head


An elderly Chinese woman has been
dubbed “the unicorn woman” due to an abnormal growth on her head that looks
like a large horn. Liang Xiuzhen started growing something that resembled a
“black mole” on her head around eight years ago, according to her son Wang

The 87-year-old, was left stunned
when two years ago it gave way to a finger-sized horn-like mass. Xiuzhen
accidentally “broke” that small horn in February – and her current, much
larger, horn – which is currently 13cm long -began growing rapidly in its
“Now the horn hurts my mother and
prevents her from sleeping. It also bleeds from time to time,” said Chaojun.

Doctors diagnosed the so-called
unicorn horn as “cornu cutaneum” (cutaneous horn), a keratinous skin tumour that
has the appearance of a horn. Often small and benign, the growth can in some
cases be much larger and malignant.
The woman has reportedly been to
several hospitals and clinics, with none of them able to explain what she is
suffering from.

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