JUST IN! I Made The First Move On Him, Now I’m Regretting it

Morning Ladun,
I am a 26 year old banker. While on a training i was
scheduled for alongside three other colleagues. I became particularly close to
one of them. The guy is a senior colleague who is really good at his job and
someone I really learnt from. Despite just being 26, I have being around at the
bank for  4 years (pretty much the start
of my career) and as such I have risen to an impressive position. All these
have made me meet so many people, some I learn from, some I admire, some I have
a crush on and some I despise. But he was someone I always had a crush on.
While in Abuja, I lost the usual grip on me and told him a
little bit of how I felt, not with the intention of starting anything but just
to ease myself of the silent wishes.  I
felt more embarrassed when all he did was smile, sipped his drink and said time
will tell. On getting back to Lagos (Work), David has been all over me, not
making it visible at work though which I am quite happy about but after work
and even weekends, he proposes we hang out, asks if he could come visiting and

Ordinarily, these were the things I wished for prior to the
training considering the fact that we are both single. However, considering the
circumstances surrounding the sudden declarations coming from him, I am forced
to think it’s not natural and as such it would not last. Though he later told
me had same feeling but didn’t know how to tell me until I voiced out.
But I keep feeling I am the one that made the first move and
the one that loves him more. The feeling makes me uncomfortable. Looking into
his eyes sometimes gets me terrified, like I might regret it one day.
I know some guys lack courage to take the first move but am
I sure I am not the one leading him on?

What do y’all think is advisable? Is he for real or he just
wants a fling? Please this is important to me.

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