Male Reader Who Wronged Fiancée Writes Guys On His Mistakes & How To Treat A Woman Right

Morning Ladun,
I am sending this to you so fellow dudes like me out there
will act while they still can and treat their ladies right while they are still
around. My name is Yomi, I often say to myself countless times that I have the
best partner in the world. There are a million reasons why it takes me less
than a second to brag about her, show her off to the world and beat my chest to
say I couldn’t have clinched a better deal. These amongst other things often
made me overreact and go out of line atimes cos I always knew she would be
there no matter what.
She is the perfect definition of a lady with a golden heart,
uncommon wisdom, maturity, beauty with brains and a wife material. Sacrifices
not many ladies would ever dream of undertaking. She has been there from the very
start, given her all in all, i.e. Support, think and brainstorm with me on
making extra cash outside my regular pay, treated my emotions right, finances,
ugly times, bad times and also the good times. But some for reasons which are
not deliberately, I have given her reasons a lot of times to doubt.

Not that I cheat on her and all that, but the way I handle
things, the words I say bluntly not being sensitive to her feelings which never
ends well and so many things capable of breaking a relationship.
I really do not know if I have gotten to the cross-road
where there is no talking her out of the latest argument and really would not
blame her. A piece of advice to the guys, if you are impatient or do not know
how to table your matters to your ladies, do not bother starting a
relationship. Many atimes, not like the intent is there to start a heated
argument but the manner in which it is being said determines everything. I know
I have pushed her certain times and she has done same, but Always allow your girl
win an argument. That was a part where I messed up all the way.
In all of these, I have being able to highlight some wrongs
we guys do and still want apologies;
•             Stamping
your authority and being power conscious( not necessary, when you treat her
right, she never disputes who calls the shot)
•             Do not
take her for granted and less important.
•             Do not
have a messed up mindset that saying “i’m sorry” makes you the weakest
•             Do not
try and change her, love her the way she is…
•             Avoid
doing things that will make you say sorry all the time
She is a reader of this blog, so I guess this is also an
avenue to say I’m sorry for those times where I argued and just would not
listen, I am sorry for giving you doubts about us. You will always matter.
Dudes, treat your ladies with respect, never take their love
and commitment for granted cos it might just be too late. Hope mine isn’t it

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