Man Loses Chrysler Sports Car Just 30 Mins After Buying It To Fire & It’s The Seller’s Fault (Photos)

A motorist was left devastated after his Chrysler sports car
burst into flames and was completely destroyed just half an hour after he
bought it. Paul Gregory spent £3,700 on the convertible Crossfire, which he
bought from a used-car dealer in Kent.
Just three miles into the 250-mile journey back to his home
in Manchester, the car suddenly caught fire. Mr Gregory, 47, tried to put out
the blaze with water but was unable to act before the car was totally written
The fire service said that the accident was the result of a
fault with the fuel supply – but the seller has refused to give Mr Gregory a
refund, claiming the fire was an ‘act of God’.

‘I’m depressed with it all,’ said Mr Gregory, a lorry driver.
‘I gave him everything I had. I paid £3,700 in cash and had it for just 35
minutes before it blew up in flames. Now he’s refusing to give me any money back
as it’s an “act of God” apparently. To be honest I was lucky to get
out of it. If I had made it onto the M25 it could have been much worse.’
The buyer is planning to take Kemsing Cars, where he bought
the vehicle, to court if he does not receive a refund within 10 days.

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