Mom Called A Paedophile For Breastfeeding 6-Year Old Daughter, But Says It’s Healthy For The Child (photos)

A 52-year-old mother who proudly breastfeeds her
six-year-old child by day during school hours has admitted that she has ‘been
called a paedophile’ because of her extreme breastfeeding practices. But Maha
Al Musa, who lives in Byron Bay with her three children and Scottish-born
musician partner John Hamilton, says she has never been personally attacked
when sitting in public with Aminah openly breastfeeding. But she believes the
criticism of her on Facebook and elsewhere online is an attack on females.
‘People can say whatever they like. I know what I am doing
as a mother,’ Ms Al Musah said.
‘I’ve raised three beautiful healthy intelligent
well-adjusted children and that’s all that matters to me. ‘I have never had
anyone come to me when I am breastfeeding and say a nasty word against me. My
heart goes out to people who criticise me and I respect people’s criticism. But this isn’t about breastfeeding children. This is about attack and
disrespect of the feminine,’ she concluded. 

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