My Dad Has A Son Out Of Wedlock And He Is Willing More Than Half Of His Property To Him

Sent in from a male LL reader;
You know what they say about curiosity
killing the cat?. Well I think I got served big time.  I am a barrister and the only
child of my parents. Growing up was fun as I never lacked anything, the hardest
task I had to go through was to ask and I would get much more than I even
bargained for.
For some obvious and funny reasons, I
always felt there was a piece missing which I could not figure out, that made
my life an adventure that was worthwhile. I often felt there was more to my dad
than just the all quiet and content father I had known all my life. This was
part of the formative process in studying law… Funny right? Yeah, I know

Let me put you through just a little of the
things he did that was quite strange to me right from my secondary school days;
Whenever he took me shopping, he always bought whatsoever he got for me in
two-sets, I get to go home with a set and whenever I asked who owned the other…
his response was always “We have been blessed of the lord, extend to those who
are in need”…… So I grew up with the mindset that my dad was a philanthropist.
Despite my tender age, I knew dad was definitely not been entirely open to us
at home considering the fact that he always told me never to tell my mum all
Being a grown-up and full time practicing
barrister, I had determined to dig out the past and whatsoever was kept hidden
all along. In this regards, I always sniffed around his business hoping to get
a tip or something leading to the truth. There was a determination from the start
that whatever my findings were, I would never let it out and it will be known
to me.
On this fateful day, being a fellow legal
practitioner and also a very good friend with my dad’s lawyer who also happens
to be one of my mentors, I bumped into Barr K’s chambers without really
informing him.. Of course it wasn’t the first time I did that due to the
existing relationship, I overheard my dad having a faint conversation with Barr
K regarding slight adjustments to his will. I did not go in, and just stayed
around till he had gone. When I noticed Barr K was walking my dad out, I
quickly dashed into his office and that was the shocker all along…..His will
was right there on the table, I snapped it and left without really been
Dad had another Son with a different woman
outside, this was few months after I was born. He had also willed almost half
of this property to this dude I never knew. The most shocking part is the
little portion he left for his “supposedly only family” i.e. myself and my mum…
So many questions popped up and for once I wish I never dug to find out what
had been kept secret.
Why father another son outside marriage and
keep him as a secret for 27years? Why leave a relatively small portion of your
properties with those that have been with you all these while?  Is there something else I am not aware of?
I earlier promised myself no one will know
of my findings, but this is too much especially for my mum who has been there
through thick and thin.
Don’t you think I should tell her all of
these or should I confront my dad with proof?
This is really a shocker!!!

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