Doctors Discover Woman’s Twin Inside Her 40 Years After

A shocked mum was told of her horror after doctors
discovered an enormous mass in her ovary that had been growing inside of her
for 40 years. Jenny Kavanagh initially visited doctors to have a contraceptive
coil implanted, but after medics insisted on an ultrasound of her ovaries due
to her age, they spotted a 10cm mass growing in her left ovary.
Worried experts even warned it could rupture and kill the
45-year-old, and later discovered it was her undeveloped unborn twin which had
grown inside her from birth. The discovery was complete with face, an eye,
tooth, and long black hair like Jenny’s.

While speaking on the discovery Jenny said; “I feel
very lucky that they found it and removed it before it killed me. I try not to
think of it too much because I don’t want to feel sad about it. If I’m honest,
I did feel sad when I first saw it, because of the size and weight of it, it
had already been likened to a baby. And that it would have almost certainly
killed me if they hadn’t found it and removed it. But in one sense there was
grief, mixed with happiness. It was like a baby, but I was still glad it was
out of me.”
When her mother however saw the picture of the discovery, “she
was really sad, she saw it as her unborn child, and my unborn twin,” Jenny

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