Quick Facts: Did You know?

The quick facts were sent in by Fredrick Lawrence a very
good commenter.
1) If America paid $10million a day for 5000yrs, it still
won’t be able to pay off its debts.
2) Civilisation started in Africa, Egypt to be precise.
3) In 1631, two London bible printers accidentally left the
word “not” out of the seventh commandment, which then read, “Thou
shalt commit adultery.” This legendary book is now known as the
“Wicked Bible.” Please continue…

4) The words “abstemious,” and “facetious”
both have all the five vowels in them in order
5) The word “lethologica” describes the state of
not being able to remember the word you want
6) The richest person to have ever lived was an African? Mansa
Musa of Mali. Mansa is a royal title-like sultan or Emir-that translates as
KING OF KINGS. At today’s rates, he was worth $400billion, that’s almost 5times
more than the current richest person.
7) Lagos was the second city in the world to have street
lamps after London.

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