Reader’s Mail: Is It Really Worth It?


I am a 30-year old lady with a
decent job and good take-home pay. I am pretty much dependent and can afford
whatever I want. Now, i have been in a relationship with a man who has filed
for divorce and the case is currently pending in court on the basis of
infidelity. We have been together for one year plus and It has been great so
far because we both are matured and know exactly what we want.  We had our introduction last two months and
that gave me a soothing relief he was serious.

I have always made my fears known
to him that what if the ex-wife comes around and begs for forgiveness since
their separation hasn’t been made official, where does that leave me?  Each time I ask to seek for clarification, he
never gives a convincing response. 
Recently, while having his bath,
he got a text message which I saw. It was from his ex-wife thanking him for
taking out time to come around and see her. I confronted him and he said he
only had sympathy for her since she was more or less struggling financially
especially after taking their only kid away out of anger.
Ever since then, I have seen her
several calls on the log and whenever I ask him, he brings up one excuse or the
other like I am stalking him  bla bla
bla!!!..….. Truth is I have never had reasons to doubt him but this is really
making me consider my options. If he still had plans on getting back with his
wife, why propose to me and even have an introduction ceremony with both
families present?

Anyone out there with an advice to
share would go a long way. Many thanks.

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