Some English Will Make You Scream…Jisox!

O boy! This picture from trending hashtag
#CaptureLifeFive13, reminded me of one ‘Danfo experience’ I had last week. Lol (Not Ladun)
I was sitting in the back row, waiting for the last
passenger to arrive and suddenly, I heard a heated argument between the
conductor and the supposed passenger. The lady was objecting to the conductor
sitting beside her as the actual number of passengers per row is supposed to be
four, but unknown to her, the conductor has to sit on that row with the already
seated four passengers.
The conductor told her calmly, “Madam, na five dey sit down
”. On hearing this, she flared up, “What do you mean? Do you think we are
sardines, what kind of inhumane act is that?

In a bid to respond to her ‘Big English’, the conductor
responded, “Madam, conductor is sit down here!”
Immediately he said this, someone at the front seat shouted,
‘Jisox!’  The passengers erupted in
laughter; she clearly got what she wanted.
That wasn’t all o, the conductor got angry so decided to
create a room for himself, he pulled his frame upright locking his fingers on
the bus’ roof only to reveal a hairy black disgusting armpit. I couldn’t take.
I almost fainted, Lol.
Anyways back to the hashtag #CaptureLifeFive13; people have
been uploading cool life experiences on Twitter and my source has confirmed
that actually anyone can upload pictures with the hashtag.
Give a cool caption and WIN N1000.00
That’s the fun part! You can even win Recharge card vouchers
by giving your uploaded picture a cool caption and if you don’t want to upload
any pictures (well, ‘cos you don’t have data I suppose), you can caption an
existing post and win a recharge card voucher!
So, let’s get down to it. I sha caption the above picture as
Danfo palava #CaptureLifeFive13.I hope I win

I’ll leave you with some pictures to caption and WIN Awoof
recharge cards! Do join them on twitter with the hashtag #CaptureLifeFive13 and win too.
Give this picture a caption
And this one too…

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