The (Extra) Jara

Can anyone
remember “Wherever you go… (go go gongo)
                                                       Wherever you be… (Sisi eko)
                                                       Do not say yes when you mean to say no
(Baba Ibadan)” LOL.
If you
remember this song, tell me if those added (extra) jaras in bracket isn’t what
made you remember it till now. 
So, back in
secondary school, we had a number of songs we used to sing at the assembly hall
when it was time to march back to our classes. This was one of those songs that
got our teachers spanking us, but for us it was the best part of the assembly.
about it now, I like to think we were very creative. We must have thought the
song was rather boring and decided to spice it up a bit and guess what? It

If only our
teachers knew that was our way of expressing the creativity in us. From a young
age, children start to experiment with different things such as forming tunes,
songs and beating drums etc. This is something we as parents should nurture,
encourage and build. (You never know,
they might turn out to be the next big thing).
CROWNS: BACK TO SCHOOL competition is another chance for our children to
express their creative side.
from the 3rd of August to the 31st of August, send in
videos of your kid doing their own version of the “Don’t you wish” song from
the Three Crowns Milk T.V Advert to
. Your kid must be between the age 3years to 6years old. The more exciting and
creative the videos are, the better the chances of winning! Every single day,
entry videos will be announced on our Facebook page, so you can be sure your
video is in.
The 5 most
exciting and creative videos will be selected and uploaded on the Three Crowns’
Facebook page on the 28th of August 2015.
What’s more, the 5 winning videos will be
rewarded with shopping vouchers worth N50, 000 each! Talk about fame and
You get free N50, 000 to buy all sorts for your
child, like school bags, shoes, uniform, socks, books, provisions and even pay
his/her school fees.
So, mums and kids don’t miss this exciting
opportunity, get your groove on and start sending in your kids’ videos now!
Terms and
conditions apply.

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