The Odour Coming From My Boss’ Mouth Is UNBEARABLE… READER Writes In

Got this since morning, but decided to hold on till now, cus
we already have a reader’s mail this morning, so that we don’t abuse the
opportunity. And btw, this one is so funny, yet very delicate cus what you will
tell her might help her lose her job or keep it. I feel sorry for her tho.

Morning Ladun,
I am faced with an awkward situation at work. I have a
direct line boss to whom I always have to report any of my official activities
to before final approval. The nature of my job constantly requires me going to
him for possible clarification and first line approval before the overall group
head signs off.
My boss has a terrible and chronic offensive breath. At the
initial stages, I thought it was due to the fact that he is usually quiet and
keeps to himself most of the time; but even now that his new role requires him
always voicing out, it just wouldn’t get any better. I feel it’s a medical

I have managed this unpleasant situation for close to one
month now to be honest, it is really affecting my job. Most times, I try to
look for ways to by-pass him and go directly to the group-head for approvals
just to avoid perceiving the breath. He is beginning to take offence to that,
not knowing I am not been rebellious or unruly, rather due to his predicament.
Some friends/colleagues advised me to talk to him directly
or buy him breath-fresheners or better still mints to always take. I am of the
opinion he might take it to heart and act irrationally to me going forth.

Can you please help me ask my fellow LLB readers what I can

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