The Special Number

Every kid always has their own version of things, just like this
beautiful little girl I met in church some weeks ago. So the choir was
rendering a popular special number to a rather sleepy audience, when this
little girl suddenly rose up from her seat and started to sing her own version
of the song, even the man snoozing with his mouth wide open at my side, woke up
with a start and I myself was left speechless. The songwriter might not agree
with the words she mumbled and jumbled together, but at least she managed to
carry the perfect tune. She got everyone all excited and bubbly on their seat
in an instance that the choir head had to ask her to join them on the stage.

And that’s when the magic ended, just as the microphone was
put in her hand or perhaps it was the round of applause that filled the room,
because she suddenly went shy and called for her mummy.
Thinking back now, I am sure we all wish she continued.
Not too sad though, here’s another chance for us to enjoy
our children’s creativity! Does your child sing at every chance they get?  This time around, there’s no need for
microphones or stages to scare them away.
The THREE CROWNS: BACK TO SCHOOL competition is starting
from the 3rd of August to 31st of August. Get your children to participate in
this fun competition just by sending in a video of your kid singing the “Don’t
you wish” song from the Three Crowns Milk T.V Advert to . Your kid
must be between the age 3years to 6years old. The more exciting and creative
the videos are, the better the chances of winning!
Every single day, entry videos will be announced on our
Facebook page, so that you can be sure your video is in and the 5 most exciting
and creative videos will be selected from the lot and uploaded on the Three
Crowns’ Facebook page on the 28th of August 2015.
What’s more, the 5 winning videos will be rewarded with
shopping vouchers worth N50, 000 each! Imagine what N50, 000 can buy! -New bag
packs, new uniforms, socks, shoes, books, stationeries, provisions, school
fees… you name it! – Everything new, for your child to resume school fresh and
So mums, what are you waiting for? Send in your child’s
video and get everyone wishing their child is as creative as yours.
Terms and conditions apply.

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