My Father Is A Ritualist + How He Tried To Kill Me- Kemi Olunloyo Explodes In Audio


Kemi Olunloyo has said she swears that she is saying the truth and it saddens her that so many of you are not taking her serious. She actually called in, told my advert person she wanted to talk to me, but that one will never hand over anyone’s call to me. Lol, she will rather say, she is not on seat, send her a mail or call her personal number, rude lady, lol. So Aunty Kemi and asked her to beg me to please post this audio that it means a lot to her and for the world to know who OLUNLOYO really is. According to my staff, Aunty Kemi is in pains and depressed at the moment. Listen to her audio version after the cut and ofcus the intro to it.

Her intro;

   *GRAPHIC** The final
chapter. How my father had 45 thugs attack the house and abduct me half naked
from the bathroom of the house dripping blood from my legs as I had my periods,
how they drew guns to my head, shot a taser gun at me and had a knife to my
throat telling me they were “on their way to kill me.” Listen to how
the Governor, Asst Police Chief Akifenwa, Commissioner of Police Mohammed
Katsina responded and how my father sat parked outside the house and ordered
the thugs to break down the gates of the house to get in. Also hear his
pathethic lie that he had nothing to do with it nor was he on location when
many people even photographed him. An elderly killer, assassin and ritualist
who will stop at nothing to kill his own children.

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