Parents Of 6-Year Old Boy With Down Syndrome Devastated After Doctor Mistakenly Kills Him


The grieving parents of a six-year-old boy who died due to
negligent care said that ‘life is now empty’ after the doctor and nurse
responsible for his death were convicted of manslaughter.

Doctor Hadiza Bawa-Garba and Nurse Isabel Amaro were both
found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence for failures that led to the
death of Jack Adcock at Leicester Royal Infirmary.
The doctor had decided not to resuscitate the boy, who had
Down’s Syndrome, because she got him confused with a patient she saw earlier in
the day who had a ‘no not resuscitate’ order on them.

After the verdict, his mother Nicola said: ‘Our life now is
empty, painful and will never be the same again. We have always believed that
someone needed to be held accountable for what happened to our son. The guilty
verdicts will bring us some closure but the void that has been left in our
lives will remain.’
Dr Bawa-Garba and nurse Amarov were accused of ‘truly,
exceptionally bad’ treatment of the boy, who originally came to the hospital
with diarrhea and vomiting and then suffered sepsis due to an infection.
He then suffered septic shock but Dr Bawa-Garba stopped CPR
because she mistakenly believed there were instructions not to resuscitate him.
A junior doctor picked up the mistake a minute later but by
then it was too late and he later died.
The prosecution claimed Jack, a youngster with Down’s
Syndrome and a heart condition, was ‘robbed’ of his chance of survival by the
medical team at the hospital.
Paying an emotional tribute to her son on the steps of
Nottingham Crown Court, right after the verdict, Ms. Adcock described her son saying
he was ‘one in a million’.

‘Our son Jack was a lively and energetic little boy. The
room lit up when he walked in with his cheeky smile and his cheeky ways. He
drew people to him like a magnet. To say that we miss him does not do justice
to our strength of feeling – Jack was an amazing son and one in a million,’ she

 Doctor Hadiza Bawa-Garba (left) and nurse Isabel Amaro
(right) both found guilty of manslaughter

Ms Adcock paying emotional tribute to her son after the

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