Proof: How One Of Nigeria’s Best Programmers Failed WAEC 5 Times Before Seeking For CHANGE


Let me just give you this quick gist. So I met one of the
best programmers in the country over the weekend. As expected young and
brilliant. We chatted for a while, and I asked him few questions, he said hmm,
ladun if only you know my story, lol, I said what story? Just do my job and let’s
call it a day, people are waiting for me on the blog. So we finished our deal,
and told him I wanted to hear his story. He looked at me and said, I was
looking at a failure, someone who almost everybody has written off (excluding
his family) and he narrated…

This guy went to school like every other person, but he was
unable to understand anything he was taught in class. He just couldn’t. May be he
was too playful or may be his brain was just dull, I don’t know, but he managed
to get to SSS3. Long story short, he failed his first WAEC. Have you ever seen
an F9 parallel result? I mean scoring F9 in all subjects? Well see one above. Continue…
He wrote WAEC five good times and never passed any. The best
result he had was 7 F9s and 2 D’s. It was mostly F9 parallel in all. Then after
5 years at home, he said he made up his mind that he wanted a change, he wanted
to develop his brain, and he started reading. He started reading and started
starving himself of food, after one year he enrolled for an A level exam so he
could get into 200L in a Nigerian university as most of his classmates then
where already in their final year in universities. Well, the reading paid off,
he passed his exams for the first time and got into school. When he got into
school, he decided not to keep friends, he was passing his courses with ease
and started teaching himself programming (Online).
Today he is a certified programmer, he teaches people on
programming and charges a lot. Ask me how I got to know him, he ran a paid
advert on my blog and ran it 3 good times (that’s 150k).
He has worked for top banks, still working for them, top
organisations and have a whole lot of students queuing for him to teach them.
Because his students are too much now and are all over the country, he has
decided to start online teaching (where students can have their lectures
online, that’s the app he is currently working on) so he can reach them all.
Would have loved to mention his name, but he says I should please not because
he is writing a book on himself, and talking about him now will not make people
long to read his book when it comes out. But then, I begged him, and said there
was no way I will hear a story like this and be quiet, I also begged him to let
me take a snap of his first result ever, (above, which as you can see reads F9
parallel). I just thank God for his life, and believe his story will make one
or two people have a change and sit up in life.

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