Remember The Lady That Deceived A Woman That She Was A Man & Tricked Her Into Dating? She Has Now Been Jailed


You know there is nothing we won’t hear in this world of ours. If you missed the initial story find it here. A woman who posed as male with a fake penis and tricked a female friend
into having sex with her has been jailed for 8 years. Gayle Newland, 25,
disguised her appearance and voice as she persuaded the other woman to put on a
blindfold when they met up.

The pair had sex about 10 times until the complainant ripped off her mask
and in disbelief saw Newland wearing a prosthetic penis. Newland was found
guilty on three charges of sexual assault following her trial.
During the trial, Newland claimed her accuser, also aged 25, always knew
she was pretending to be a man as they engaged in role play while struggling
with their sexuality, while the lady swore she never knew and infact they were
in a relationship after they met online.
She has now been jailed for 8 years after the court discovered she lied
and deceived the lady into a relationship.

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