Aww ‘I Have To Poo’, Toddler Interrupts Parents Wedding When He Had To Make His Special Announcement

Aww Oh my God I love babies… they are so innocent! An
Australian couple found themselves upstaged during their own wedding by their
3-year-old son, who interrupted the ceremony to announce: “I have to
Hannah Lienert posted a video to YouTube showing what
happened at her wedding to longtime beau Ben Lienert (the boy’s dad).
The woman performing the ceremony is offering thoughts on
“the real values in life” to the couple when she is interrupted by
the pair’s 3-year-old son, Hudson.

“I have to poo!” Hudson announces, causing the
happy couple and their guests to erupt into laughter. A helpful wedding guest then
swoops in to lead Hudson indoors, where he presumably delivered on his promise.
“That is the definition of being upstaged,” the
official said, before continuing with the ceremony.

“Children and weddings don’t always mix, but they sure
know how to make them memorable,” Hannah Lienert wrote in the video’s

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