Celebrity Seed: You All Missed The Answer


Hehehe didn’t I say you guys will
miss it?  I even assumed 2% of you will
get it, but no. For the first time you all failed. I was so happy initially when
I saw the picture, I said yes, ghen ghen, they can’t get this one. Sheybi they
used to insult me all the time, calling my ‘guess who’ simple.  Hehehe let’s see how they will get this,
except, the person is an internet lord or a stalker and uulala you all missed it.
Yay, so excited, I won this time. So
do you also call this simple? Duh!

Just let me tell you the answer. Her mom is Ufuoma Ejenobor and the little girl is her second child. Ufuoma got
married to Steven McDermott in 2010 and they now have two kids- a son and daughter.
Another guess who coming right
after this, and this time, it’s weird, sassy and it’s the real deal, you must know this, lol. See some family photos of the McDermotts right after the cut. So don’t you ever call my ‘guess who’ simple again! Lol.

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