Daddy Freeze Sends Kaymu Memo Over Fake Rolex Wrist Watches

You know the way Freeze is with genuine wristwatches?
Atleast not after spending so many millions on them, lol. Here’s a memo Freeze wrote
openly to Kaymu Politely on his instagram page asking them to take down the
fake wristwatches displayed on their website. Read…
Dear Kaymu, kindly look into some of the sellers on your
page, like this one selling a fake Rolex day date for N4,499. Or the fake Sky
dweller for N50,000. Although you may wish to claim that you do not sell
anything directly, having counterfeit products on your site might suggest that
you are encouraging this lewd trade. is a site like yours and I am pleased to inform you
that if you were to kindly run a search for #Rolex on eBay you will only find
genuine products. Kaymu is a respected site and I will do business with your
site and offer to give you 3 days free publicity via my social media handles,
provided you can remove every single counterfeit product from your website.

Thank you and wishing you well into the new year!

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