Family Slammed For ‘Offensive’ Christmas Photo Where Mum And Daughters Are Gagged With Duct Tape

A family has faced a backlash
after posing for a festive photography session – with the female’s mouths taped
shut and wrists bound. The Johnson family were captured on camera in a series
of shots surrounded by festive Christmas trees.
But the one which caused concern
showed the mother and two daughters with green duct tape over their mouths
while the father and son were smiling.
Dad held a chalkboard reading ‘Peace
on Earth’ and the little boy gave a thumbs up to the camera.

The images were taken and shared
by Hannah Hawkes, a photographer in Louisiana who has been slammed for the
shots which people have called ‘offensive’.
TallulahBlue wrote on Reddit:
“Would you find this funny if it were all the men gagged and bound with
women smiling and with their thumbs up triumphantly next to a peace on earth
“I suspect if the genders
were switched people wouldn’t think it was funny because, “see! Feminists
don’t want equality! They just want to control men!”
While on Facebook Terri Donovan
added: “It not only scares and disgusts me that the husband would request
such a photo, it is even worse that his wife would agree to it… and agree to
show their children what hate and ignorance looks like.
“Apparently this is all ok in
their universe. Ignorance, hatred, bigotry and misogyny are alive and well,
“Ironic that they chose such
a view to celebrate the life of a man who TRIED to teach loving acceptance of
all, regardless of their sex or station in life.”

However another image shared did
show the whole family with their mouths taped up, but that still didn’t stop
people from talking. A friend of the family has come out to defend them, saying
the family will not in any form portray abuse or look down on women but people
still wants the ‘defender’ to shut up and take the photos down.

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