Video: Woman Knocks Out Man With SINGLE Punch After He Pinches Her Butt


Talk about my kind of woman. Strong and undefeatable! A
woman was caught on video knocking out a man with a single punch after he
pinched her butt.
Surveillance footage posted online by LiveLeak showed the
woman standing next to a motorbike in Inezgane, Morocco. She spun around when
the man squeezed her rear, and punched him in the face. The man stumbled across
the sidewalk, crashed into what looked like a table covered in clothing and hit
his head on the pavement.
The victim then explained to stunned passersby why she hit
him. The clip, which has gone viral, then cuts out.
According to the Mirror, the suspected groper was
unconscious for two hours after falling to the ground and hitting his head. But
then, who cares, lol.

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