Abiara Speaks On Arms Deal, Seeks FG’s Pardon For Looters

Prophet Kayode Abiara, the General-Evangelist of the Christ
Apostolic Church Worldwide in an interview with Kemi Ashefon asked the Federal
Government to pardon all those who return Nigeria’s looted funds once they are
being called out. Abiara says those who have stolen Nigeria’s funds need to be
probed, but then we can’t waste much time on them as there is a whole lot of
work that still needs to be done in the country. He then pleaded that whoever
is found guilty and return looted funds should be forgiven so they won’t waste
our time.
What do you have to say about the arrest and prosecution of
some individuals allegedly involved in siphoning $2.1bn meant for the
procurement of arms for the Army to tackle insurgency?
We thank God for this new government because President
Muhammadu Buhari is trying to right the wrongs of many decades. I know that the
President wants to recover a lot of stolen funds stashed in any part of the
world and I applaud him for that.
I don’t see anything wrong in telling looters to refund all
the money they stole. But I believe the recent trial of some suspects should be
hastened up and they should be permitted to refund the money. Buhari should
pardon them if they return the money and then, let’s move the country forward.
There is a lot of work to be done in the country, especially on our dwindling
economy. We should not waste time on the arms probe and the prosecution of
suspects. We need to move on. I pray that all the recovered money will be judiciously

Are you calling for pardon for anyone found guilty?
Yes, they should be pardoned as long as they refund all the
stolen funds to government’s coffers. Even Jesus Christ said if anyone
confesses his sins, he should be pardoned.
But the soldiers were helpless due to lack of sophisticated
weapons to tackle terrorists which made Boko Haram to kill many.

If the Federal Government pardons the looters, those who
want to steal would still steal. If they are not pardoned, it does not stop
people from stealing. I am not against bringing thieves to book and I believe
prosecuting them will serve as a deterrent to others. Even God say, ‘thou shall
not steal.’ But the Holy Books also talked about pardoning sinners. Remember
that Jesus Christ prayed for a thief while he was on the cross. What I am
advocating is for the government to recover the stolen money, utilise the
money, stabilise the economy and move the country forward.

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