Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Australia Tells British Man He Can’t Bury Wife Because They Don’t Recognize Gay Marriage + Man Will Be Buried SINGLE

A heartbreaking honeymoon tragedy in Adelaide has claimed the life of a British man and seen his husband banned from funeral arrangements because their same-sex marriage isn't recognised.

Marco Bulmer-Rizzi is mourning the death of his husband David but Australian law has effectively stopped him from playing any role in the funeral.

David died on Saturday during the last stop on their Australian honeymoon, when he fell down stairs and cracked his skull.

His death certificate will read 'never married' and all decisions surrounding the death had to be approved by his father-in-law and not his widowed husband.

But a heartbroken Marco has gone on Facebook to appeal to people to please help him get David’s death certificate to read they were married. He wrote; 'Please help me in getting David's death certificate to show we were married.' He has now launched a campaign to try and overturn the ruling.


  1. Ehya, please take him back home... Nigeria would do it with the right amount(bribe).

  2. I can't shout

  3. I don’t support same sex marriage too

  4. I don’t support same sex marriage too

  5. Mschew the campaign that won't make any difference. Married ko married ni