Couple Arrested In Spain For Allowing Their 10-Year Old Son Drive Them On A Busy Road

A couple were arrested after police spotted them being
driven along a busy street by their son aged TEN. The young boy was at the
wheel of the family’s high-powered BMW X6 on a road in Spain’s North African
enclave of Ceuta. His father was in the passenger seat talking on his phone,
while his mother and a sister were in the back seat.
A spokesman for Spain’s Guardia Civil police said: “They
were being driven along by a small child who was struggling to see over the
dashboard like it was the most normal thing in the world.”

Both parents were arrested at the scene. The father was
later charged with being an ‘accomplice to the crime of reckless driving ’ and
could face a maximum two-year prison sentence. The boy’s 35-year-old mother was
later released without charge.

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