Thursday, January 28, 2016

EFCC Official Allegedly Batters Teenager After Impregnating Her (Photo)

There was a show of shame recently at the premises of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, after one of the operatives allegedly battered a 19-year old canteen attendant he allegedly impregnated in Lagos.

The teenager was allegedly assaulted at the EFCC office located on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos where the operative works as exhibit keeper.

The victim, Blessing Nwokpa, who was a canteen attendant at the EFCC premises was allegedly impregnated by the EFCC operative identified as Okeke Edward, who refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy.

P.M.News gathered that rather, Okeke allegedly offered her money to terminate the pregnancy but Blessing refused. For her obstinacy, Blessing who was living with Edward as a squatter, allegedly became an object of battering and assault by him.

Edward allegedly threw her and her belongings out of his house and sent her away from his house at 23, Akinseji street, Fadeyi.

Blessing, who is now seven months pregnant, became homeless and could not feed herself after she was sacked from the canteen when she became pregnant.

Frustrated by Edward’s action, Blessing went to EFCC office where Edward works to request for money to feed and for ante-natal care. When Edward saw her at EFCC premises, he allegedly descended on her and battered her to the extent that she collapsed and was later rescued.

Sources said the intervention of senior officers saved Blessing from further battering.

Following the assault, Blessing went to the Legal Aids Council of Nigeria whose office is located in Ikoyi and reported the matter.

P.M.News gathered that Blessing was brought to Lagos by her brother and got her a job as canteen attendant at the EFCC office.

While she was there, her brother had accommodation problem and Blessing, who said she was then a virgin, started sleeping at the canteen at the end of the day’s work.

She said when Edward saw her there and asked her why she was sleeping at the canteen, she informed him that her brother had accommodation problem and was tring to get another place.

She said Edward offered to assist her and asked her to be sleeping in his house pending when her brother would get another accommodation.

She alleged that during the night, Edward would lure her into sex and eventually deflowered her and impregnated her.

Blessing said that initially, she did not know she was pregnant and when she was having unusual feeling in her body, she went to a hospital and conducted a pregnancy test and it was positive.

She said she informed Edward about the result of the test and he became angry and gave her N18,000 to go and abort the pregnancy but she refused.

Consequently, she said Edward started beating her and later threw her and her belongings out of his house for refusing to abort the baby.

She said when she became pregnant, she stopped going to work and had no money to feed herself which made her go to his office to seek help.

Blessing said when he saw her in the office on the fateful day, he began to beat her until other EFCC staff and people around came to her rescue.

She said it was the people there that directed her to Legal Aids Council to complain and seek their assistance.

She said when the Legal Aids Council invited Edward to settle the matter, he told them that he would not come and boasted that nothing would happen.

Blessing lamented that she is starved daily and she was not asking him to marry her rather, she wants him to take care of the pregnancy and after she delivers, she would look for ways to move on with her life.

When our reporter visited the EFCC to meet Edward for comment, our reporter was told that he was not in the office.

When he was contacted on phone, he refused to pick his call. He also did not respond to text messages sent to him by our reporter.

P.M.News gathered that Blessing has been referred to an NGO located in Ogba area for assistance.


  1. Hmmmmmmm shameful and wicked out.

    1. Edward olosi. Instead of helping her u took advantage of her vulnerable state. Na God go punish u. Nothing must happen to this gal o. Cos he may want to harm her. Anyway d story is now public. And where is her brother??? U sef, small gal like u. Dem say make u come work u dey gbensh old man prick.

  2. Hmmmmmmm shameful and wicked out.

  3. Hmm. Both parties are guilty.
    1. She obviously used him to improve her accommodation and financial problem knowing fully well he would sleep with her.
    2. He wanted a regular sex partner with minimum cost hence he asked her to move in.
    3. Every woman knows when she is pregnant within 2 months of conception. She kept it to herself to try and hook him.
    4. The man foolishly didn't use a condom and obviously she didn't insist he does cause she wanted to take in for him and hook him.
    5. She refused to abort not for religious reason or fear but because she needs the baby to hook him for life.
    6. He had no right to beat her for whatever reason.
    6. She isn't homeless and is only using that to win sympathy.
    7. For being very foolish to do without condom he should man up and take care of the pregnancy and baby.

    Case close

    1. Correct analysis. He should Man up to his responsibility

    2. Excuse me, not every woman is aware of conception in the first few months. Pls educate urself n be guided before casting aspersion. This girl was a virgin n was ignorant, how could she be thinking towards trapping a man with pregnancy? An inexperienced girl? I don't think so. It's obvious she was coerced into having sex, and bcos she had no where to go she surrendered. He's a mad man

    3. There's nothing correct in this analysis. So u think she lied about being homeless? Smh

  4. Na wa o.Evil Edward that took advantage of an helpless girl.He shall not go unpunished.

  5. Both of them should be flogged for this shameless action

    1. Please she is a teenager. When did it become legal to sleep with a teenager

    2. shi is legally an adult n her brother should av forseen the possibilty of such events unfolding even if we assume she is young for such comlexities. Make father to be man up

  6. Whatsoever a man sows shall he reap

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