Saturday, January 23, 2016

Group Starts Monthly "Cuddle Parties" To Promote Health & Psychological Benefits Of Being Touched

You know they have all the time. A group in Minnesota has begun holding monthly "Cuddle Parties" to promote the health and psychological benefits of being TOUCHED.

The Minneapolis-based group known as Nurture Yourself advertises itself as the only group in Minnesota with a trained Cuddle Party Facilitator and offers a place to "meet interesting people and share nurturing, NON-S3XUALIZED TOUCH."

"Touching and being touched has benefits for everyone's health. Many of us can benefit from cuddling without any other goal but nurturing human contact. We teach you valuable social skills and create an environment where you can practice meeting people," a post on the group's website states.
"This is not a dating service. This is not a place people come to meet your life partner. There are rules for how you are to behave in a Cuddle Party," the website also stated.

The rules for Cuddle Parties are outlined on and include dress guidelines that discourage risqué underwear and liquor and stress the importance of consent.