Saturday, January 23, 2016

I Went Into Robbery To Maintain My Chieftaincy Title–Ex-Niger Delta Militant

Before his recent arrest by operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, 42-year-old Clement Millions was a titled chief, perhaps a respected one at that.

But his foray into armed robbery has landed him in police custody. Millions, in his shocking revelation to the police after he was arrested, said he was installed as a chief in 2014 but that the demands of the title soon became overwhelming that he had to resort into armed robbery.

“In 2014, I was conferred with a chieftaincy title of Ebimewe, which means someone who is doing well, but the high financial demands of my new title made me to join a bank robbery gang to get enough money to maintain my new status in the society,” he said.

The suspect, who hails from Ogbembri village in Delta State, told the police that he joined the dreaded armed robbery gang that came through the creek to carry out robbery operations in some banks in Lagos, but noted that before his foray into robbery, he lived in reasonable comfort.

He said, “I am one of the militants granted amnesty when we surrendered our guns. The Federal Government used to pay each of us N65,000 every month and I was also involved in black market oil sale. I was making a lot of money from it and I built a mansion. I actually helped people.”

He mentioned the names of other members of the gang to include Kelly, Kakadu, Dike, Ossy and John Togo.

While giving an account of how he acquired his 20 years experience in armed robbery and kidnapping, Millions, said he and others were doing well in their oil business before Togo lured him into the robbery gang. He recalled that he had participated in about four bank robbery operations.

He said, “One day, Togo begged me to lend him N300,000 to go and buy something in Lagos. I did not know he was planning how to rob banks in Lagos. I could not say no to him for security reasons.

“I participated in the two bank robbery operations at Ikorodu and the ones at FESTAC, Agbara and Lekki. We got about N66m in Agbara and my share was N2.5m. In FESTAC, we got N23m and my share was N800,000. About 26 of us used 13 guns for the FESTAC operation and we went in two buses. In Ikorodu, during the first operation we got N12m but my own share was N500,000, while in the second operation, I got N800,000 out of the N62m we got.”

Millions said he smelled trouble when some of the gang members killed some policemen in the course of their operations, saying he knew that police would come after them to avenge the death of their colleagues, but that he could not dump the group.

He said, “I even went to church to confess my sins and I vowed not to go back to robbery but other gang members came up with reasons for us to continue and I also needed more money as a high chief. Despite my 20 years as an armed robber, I was not involved in bank operation until last year.”

“After the operation at Ikorodu, I came back and followed them to rob a bank at FESTAC because of my ‘long throat’. I returned to Ikorodu to participate in another operation because my 500 jerry cans caught fire. We sometimes used military and police uniform to beat security. I had one Toyota Highlander sport utility vehicle which I sold for N800,000 and then I bought three saw machines. Then, I relocated to Benin to be able to monitor my sawmill workers.”

Millions, who is married with six children, explained that his wife and children were not aware that he was an armed robber. “I vowed to God as my New Year resolution to stop robbing people but unfortunately I was arrested,” he said.

Meanwhile, a police source hinted that the IGP, Solomon Arase, had promised to track other members of the gang, and that the Response Team had arrested seven persons who specialised in supplying arms and eight other members of the gang.


  1. Which festac robbery? The one that killed mother n child? Well, every day for the thief one day for the owner. See what power has caused for u. Stealing to maintain a title that u l drop on earth.

  2. Which festac robbery? The one that killed mother n child? Well, every day for the thief one day for the owner. See what power has caused for u. Stealing to maintain a title that u l drop on earth.

  3. His reason is very dumb

  4. Everyday for the thief,one day for the owner.

  5. He deserves to die in prison

  6. Nemesis has caught up with him