Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LUTH Management Writes Police Over Fake Doctor Practicing Within Them

The police in Lagos have arrested a fake medical doctor at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba who has been practicing for three years with forged medical certificates.

Adesina Opeyemi, 43, a resident of Alapere, Ketu, was said to have claimed to be a consultant Gynaecologist. The management of LUTH however wrote to the police when they suspected Adesina wasn’t a medical practitioner. 

After Police completed their investigation, the men from Alakara Police Station moved in and arrested the suspect.

Confirming the arrest, the command’s spokesperson, Oladapo Badmos, an SP, said seven forged documents were recovered from the suspect, adding that he would be charged to court for impersonation.


  1. So he prefers to kill people just because he needs a job to survive

    1. I wonder the number of people who might have died in his hands

  2. There are quacks endangering people's lives

  3. So he prefers to kill people just because he needs a job to survive

  4. Ladun, there is likely to be more to this case.

    It is practically impossible to have a fake Obs and Gynae Doctor working inside LUTH.
    It is just impossible.

    To be a consultant Obs and Gynae Doctor inside LUTH, you are more likely to have done your residency there, and if not, you would still have to have passed through the hands of some LUTH' Obs and Gynae professors while doing your residency exams and so, you will be well known to those professors before you can be employed as a consultant Obs and Gynae Doctor yourself to be working with them.

    I, personally will like it if you can do more investigative journalism on what really happened here and put it on your blog for us especially outside Nigeria to know.

    But, in case, if it is truly the case as written, then there is a big problem with LUTH' employment procedure and the thing need to be revamped, and all the doctors working there need to have their qualifications reassessed on individual basis.

    If one fake doctor can pass through the employment procedure there and be employed as a consultant, where is the guarantee that other fake doctors are not presently teaching medical students, consulting and seeing patients down there inside LUTH?


  5. Just imagine

    Shames less man

    To go school no gree you.. Doctor Na beans?


  6. This man is heartless

  7. But some people are wicked sha.

  8. Hmm please comb well. There will still be many more of him like that

  9. He must face the law. Impersonator

  10. Anything is possible in Nigeria. I just bow

  11. Thank God the quack doctor has been arrested

  12. This is serious