Friday, January 22, 2016

Man Who Loves Raw Meat Grows 6-Metre Long Tapeworm Inside His Stomach

A meat-lover who had a two-year stomach pain was horrified when doctors said a 6-metre long tapeworm had grown inside him. Doctors told him it had been caused by his love of raw beef.

The patient had been complaining about vomiting, general weakness and a lack of appetite to various doctors over the past two years. Medics kept treating him for stomach ache and chronic anemia.

During his latest visit at the Hubei University of Medicine, in Shiyan, China, doctors examining him found ‘nothing remarkable’. However, when they looked at his stool under the microscope they found an egg containing a tapeworm.

They gave him catharsis medicine and two hours later, he discharged the six-metre worm and says he feels so much better.