Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mr Ibu Speaks On Nollywood, The Many Battles Of AGN And How Those Who Collected Money From Jonathan will DIE

Lol, Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu in an interview with Vanguard Newspaper has poured out his mind on the challenges of Nollywood and its leaders and how most of his colleagues have turned themselves into beggars parading government houses to beg for alms. Ibu says the alleged $200m given to them by the former administration could not be accounted for and many still collected money on behalf of AGN because Jonathan loved Nollywood so much. Ibu however said all those who collected money on their behalf and didn’t deliver it will all die because they have killed many souls in the process. He also spoke about people embracing peace and letting it reign in Nollywood. The interview after the cut.

What do you foresee for the Nollywood industry in 2016?

The picture I foresee for the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, in 2016 is big. But there is a clause. The clause there is that we should stop attacking each other. If we stop attacking each other by going to court and police every minute including washing our dirty leaning in the public, we will go far. AGN is one all over the world. Our own should not be an exception. Good administration has eluded us for so long now. We do not have people that can pilot the affairs of the AGN. We are fighting every minute. How do we succeed in life in that kind of atmosphere? Now,I sent a proposal for Film Village to the Federal Government. Only God in Haven knows weather it has gotten to the designated point or not. The same thing was sent in to the government of Enugu State. We are conducting a poll   to ascertain where will be most suitable for citing a Film Village. Enugu State scored 83%. It means that if ever we are going to have a film village, Enugu State is the most suitable nationwide. Second to Enugu is Lagos, with 53% then Owerri, Asaba, 38%,34% respectively. That is why if you watch most Nollywood films, there locations are shot in Enugu.

So we have more advantage than any other place. We are looking forward to having that film village in Enugu. It is very important. Let government make us responsible rather than looking beggarly, going to government houses and so on. I promised myself that I will never be part of the people going to government houses seeking   alms. Our people should stop piling themselves in government houses. When ex-President Goodluck Jonathan was in office, every minute they were there asking for all manners of favour. And the ex-President loved us so much that he gave them huge money.   All those who diverted monies meant for AGN or Movie Makers will die because they do not know the souls they have killed. For 2016,if all these things are taken care of, AGN will do better. I am promising one thing, am not contesting anything on the AGN but, I have a lot of surprises.

What happened to the money,ex-President Jonathan allegedly gave to the AGN as loan?

Laughter…I did not see one naira oohhhh! I do not know who processed andcollected it. If the money was released,I do not know. If they did not release it,I do not know. The people who were supposed to give us information, talking about the leadership of AGN, did not tell us anything even the first $200 million,nothing was heard of it. What am looking for is hectares of land for the Film Village,then I will leave acting.


  1. Why are you pained. If they had given you some of the money you would have kept quiet biko let us hear word

  2. Funny man please what your back please.
    Buhari is a disease and his virus is affecting this mans brain.

    #sad indeed

  3. Lol at they must die

  4. Mr ibru, no dey curse. What if mistakely a colleague bought u a drink wt that money. Sha AGN has neva bin united. Fight, envy na wa o.

  5. Mr Ibu sorry. You no dont have a hole in your legs for politicians to sleep with