My Neighbor’s Wife Is Sleeping With Another Man Right In Their Matrimonial Home

A year ago
a newly-wed young couple moved into the same compound where I stay. It was
quite relieving considering i was staying there all alone and the other house
had been vacant for a long while.  The
couple were quite nice and as such getting along wasn’t that difficult.
The husband
is a young officer in the Nigerian Army, atimes he could be away for 2-3months
on missions, leaving the wife all to herself. Whenever he gets back, we get to
talk a lot and hangout, Fun times were never lacking during those period.
months ago, I noticed a young guy that usually comes around, atimes could spend
days at my neighbors’ home. The strangest part is he never shows up whenever
Niyi is around. I hear loud laughter, giggles, sexual sounds (don’t want to be
all explicit) whenever he comes around from my apartment.

Niyi is a
very good friend of mine, the marriage is still relatively young and they are
just growing in it as well. But do I just keep quiet knowing his wife is
probably sleeping with another dude in their matrimonial home? Or should I just
mind my business? What if he realizes and also knows I have been aware, what
picture would he have about me? These are things that have been bothering me.
Please I want to remain anonymous.

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